Select a personal or professional goal using the SMART technique

Assignment Question:

In Chapter 1 of the text, goal setting is discussed. Select a personal or professional goal you want to achieve. Address each part of the SMART technique -- specific, measurable, aggressive, realistic, and time-bound– providing relevant details about the goal for each component of the goal-setting process.

Be sure that your Learning Journal entry is a minimum of 500 words.


Note: Please submit only when completed, by the end of the Unit. The Learning Journal forms part of the formal final grade and is intended to help students organize, consolidate and record their thoughts, activities, and accomplishments. It also allows the course Instructor to get a sense of how a student is progressing and what he/she has done beyond the mandatory assignments. Remember that only you and your instructor will have access to your Learning Journal.


Assignment Answer:

  A Professional goal I want to achieve is to build a company around a premium domain name that I bought and make it one of the top 10 comic book websites by December this year.

  The web domain I bought is: xyz 

  I believe a domain name like that holds a lot of promise.

  Using the SMART (specific, measurable, aggressive, realistic, and time - bound) technique I would set out to accomplish that goal.

- Specific: 

  What I plan to do is very specific; to make the company's website rank in the top 10 category for comic books.

- Measurable: 

  How much progress has been made in accomplishing the goal can be measured by calculating my site's page views and seeing how it is doing in comparison to the page views of other comic book companies' websites. 

   Comic Book Sales is another way to measure the goal of my company becoming one of the top 10 companies in the comic book category.

  Another way to measure my goal is by comparing Merchandise Sales of my comic book themed products with the merchandise sales other comic book companies.

- Aggressive: 

  The very notion that I'm aiming for the top (and with a set time) is as bold & aggressive a goal could ever be. 

  The fixed time limits puts pressure on accomplishing the goal that otherwise would not be.

- Realistic:  

  Taking a domain name like "xyz" and building a company around it that is ranked in the Top Ten category for comic books is quite realistic. 

  It is not far fetched at all.

  With proper SEO optimization, my company's website would rank high in search engines which in turn would position my company to rank higher in the category of comic books. 

  Also, by using online advertising like Google AdWords, my company's website and what it has to offer would become more know to people who are my target audience.

  A reward program will also be available for those who refer orders to the site. 

  That will be sure to make people to share links to the sites and tell their friends about the site, which helps the company keep getting closer to achieving its goal.


- Time-bound:

  The goal is time - bound by having a set deadline of December 2019.

  To get there, I would have to create a series of goals or tasks that I have to finish by the end of each month. Thus, the end of each month bringing me closer to the final goal which has its deadline set in December.

  In May, the tasks I would have to perform is to resister the company and start hiring people. 

  The first series of books should be out by the end of May just a week right after we've launched the company's first online ad campaign.

  In June, we would go deep into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content creation. The goal is for employees to load the site with such quality and rich content at least 3 times a day such that it would become pointless for anyone to go to any other site when it comes to the subject of comics.

  In July, a team of spokeswomen for the company would be sent out to go into other people's platforms and networks to promote our company and what we have to offer.

  From being interviewed as guest on Podcasts to pulling off crazy stunts in YouTube videos to get people's interest in our company; we would do it.

  In August, we would focus on offline penetration into the comic book community.

  We would build and establish relationships with people in key positions that own or manage places and events comic book fans visit or hangout.

  From Comic Book Shop owners to Comic Con Organisers. We would build those relationships and make our products readily available at such places in other to ensure that our company always has a presence there.

In September, we would produce our first cartoon after a strong promotion campaign and we'll guage people's reactions.

  We would create the awareness that we intend to make a whole lot more cartoons and we would guage people's responses and analyse demand.

  In October, we would approach Banks and Investors for funding.

  In November, we would focus on getting Celebrities on board. 

  We would reach out to Celebrities of all sizes through their Agents/Managers and get as many Celebrities that are willing to work with us on board by creating comic book series of different Celebrities.

   Finally, In December we would kick into full throttle and push everything we are doing into overdrive.

  Then by the last week of December the goal would have been fulfilled. 

  The company's website would be in the Top 10 category for comics if not even number one at this point.


Management Principles (v. 1.1). Chapter 1: Introduction To Principles Of Management.