Discuss A Time You Have Seen Frederic Taylor's Scientific Method To Management Used To Manage A Process

Assignment Question:

Frederic Taylor applied the scientific method to management. In many cases, this meant measuring a process to determine its optimal possible output. From your own work experience, discuss a time you have seen measurements used to manage a process. Examples might include allowing a certain amount of time for a phone call or a project deadline. Do you believe the results were optimal, based on the measurement used?


Assignment Answers:

  Using measurements to manage projects is essential to optimal productivity.

  A good example of when I used measurements to manage a process was when I used it for a project I was working on.

  The project was a book I was writing.

  The task looked out of my reach but I knew I had to write a book and kick off a process of writing many successive books.

  Using measurements I asked myself what if I wrote a page of a book a day. 

  That will mean that at the end of a year I will have a 365 page book.

  That changed things for me because it means that no matter how busy I am I can still manage to publish one book every year.

  I then asked myself what if I wanted a 20 page children's book. How long is it going to take me to write it if I wrote one page a day.

  Since a month is approximately 30 days, that means that I can publish an entire children's book easily every month and still have approximately 10 days left which is half of a children's book. 

  A huge task like creating a process of writing and publishing successive books a continual basis became possible and was made so simple because of using measurement to manage a process.

  I believe the results were optimal, based on the measurement used.


Management Principles (v. 1.1).